Vintage 2023 at Blue Pyrenees

An update from the winemaking team

We wanted to share a quick update on our 2023 winemaking season here at Blue Pyrenees. The weather this year was a lot cooler and wetter than usual. The soil profile and dams were filled with much-needed water from previous La Nina years, which helped us achieve delicate flavours in our grapes.

Our harvest season started a bit later than usual, but we're thrilled with the results. The Shiraz is looking particularly refined this year, with blue and black fruit and earthy notes that are balanced with acidity and tannins. Our Cabernet and Bordeaux reds are true to cooler climate styles, with red fruits that will benefit from some time in oak.

Lower tonnages across our properties resulted in fantastic flavour concentration – and we're thrilled with the outcome. Many local winemakers have compared this harvest to 2017, and we're confident that the resulting wines will age beautifully in cellars.

Right now, our team is focusing on the last of the pressing, barrelling down, and blending lots for the Sparkling wines tirage late winter/spring. We can't wait to share our upcoming releases in the coming years. We'll keep you updated as we go with more behind the scenes footage of our passionate team at work.

Thanks for your continued support, and we hope to see you soon at Blue Pyrenees.

Susan Doyle
Chief Winemaker