Sip the perfect drop surrounded by beautiful art. Introducing the 'Art Nook'.
We are delighted to open our cellar door to celebrate and exhibit local artists. Grab a glass of wine and browse their cozy art nook featuring a suite of rotating artists.

Over the coming months our cellar door will be showcasing Russel Drever's art work. 'Russell Drever was born in Melbourne in 1944 and attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology from 1963 to 1965 where he worked and was influenced by the ideas and the professional approach to art of George Baldessin. After exhibiting at the Museum of Modern Art Melbourne in the group show

'Young Minds' in 1963 and 'New Generation' 1965, [Russell] departed for London in 1966 where he lived and worked until 1968. The major influences on him during this period were the paintings of the New. York School especially Pollock and Rothko...and the pervasive Pop Art of Andy Warhol.' 

Russell's time with George Baldessin took him into printing, sculpting and casting as well as painting and his 3 years overseas living and working in contemporary artistic circles in London and the continent broadened and expanded his love of working with rich colour and shape that is so synonymous with his work in this weekend's Images, at Moonambel exhibition.

On returning to Australia Russell decided that he wanted to live in Central Victoria and he left Melbourne permanently in 1972. In 2000 he moved to Moonambel because he loved the space and colours of the place. This is reflected in his work, infused as it is with the dense, rich colours that come from the light and colour in the landscape.

Russel says his art is based on feeling, emotion, instinct, and imagination – it is not description: I intend no message but would prefer the colour and form to act directly upon the viewers emotions 

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16th APRIL 2024

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