Blue Pyrenees Staff Picks: Christmas Edition 

We’re getting into the holiday spirit here at Blue Pyrenees as we prepare for Christmas. The team is looking forward to spending some quality time with friends and family, enjoying plenty of good food and sharing some excellent bottles of wine. But this begs the question: which wine is your go-to for Christmas lunch? We recently put this question to the Blue Pyrenees team and asked them to share what they love to drink at Christmas, someet the staff and find out what they’re bringing this year.

Introducing Hazelie!

Hazelie has worked with Blue Pyrenees for 42 years. She started working in the vineyards and has done pretty much every job you can think of, except pruning the vines. Now she works in the Blue Pyrenees office as the Export and Invoice Administrator. Her personal pick for Christmas is the 2019 Estate Chardonnay, which is her sister’s favourite. “She loves chardonnay ‒ she loves our chardonnay. She lives in Brisbane but I send her a few bottles every month.” It’s been two years since they last saw each other, and although they won’t be having Christmas together this year, Hazelie is looking forward to a chardonnay-filled reunion in the new year. 

And have you met Séan?

Séan is Blue Pyrenees’ Viticulturist and Estate Manager. At the moment he’s flat out in the vineyards, making sure the vines are healthy and keeping the grass mown ‒ no mean feat given the unusually wet season. “In the vineyard, the period over October, November and December, pre-Christmas, is actually our busiest time. Many people think that harvest is a busy time, but for the vineyard team it’s now.” This Christmas Séan is bringing a bottle of 2018 Blue Pyrenees Estate Red to the table. A man of few words, he describes it as “an all-round good drop” and a general crowd-pleaser among his friends and family. 

Not forgetting Linda, of course.

Linda is our cellar door manager. She's been with Blue Pyrenees for three years now, having previously looked after the bar at Warrenmang Winery, and the only thing she loves more than wine is people. Swing by the cellar door and you'll find her chatting with our visitors and taking them through tastings. Her favourite Blue Pyrenees wine? It has to be the Midnight Cuvée. 'I'll drink it anytime, anywhere, but usually while preparing dinner or deciding what to cook,' she says. 'It provides me with inspiration.'

Last but certainly not least, meet Caitlin! 

As Blue Pyrenees’ Wine Club Manager, Caitlin has the very important job of liaising with our club members and making sure they get their wine on time. She’s been a part of the Blue Pyrenees team for just over five years now and when she’s not busy sorting out other people's wines, she likes to kick back and enjoy a glass of her own. For Christmas, Caitlin is bringing a bottle of NV Frizzante from the Exclusive Series. “It’s my favourite wine. It’s lovely and a little sweet and I like it with anything.” This year she’s keen to crack it alongside a traditional Xmas seafood platter ‒ yum!